Blue Symphony from Osaka to Yoshino

Today we are spending another day in Osaka and around Osaka. We are taking another limited express special sightseeing train of Kintetsu Railway. It is called “Blue Symphony” and it connects the Osaka Abenobashi Station with Yoshino.

Yoshino is a holy mountain region about an hour and half away from Osaka. Actually it is most famous for its cherry blossom in spring. Definately worth a visit for the Hanami event.

Getting Started

From the hotel we first hit towards Namba Station. Since summer is hot we use the Namba Walk which can be entered almost right in front of the hotel. We are reaching Osaka Metro subway station after a short walk.

From there we are taking the Midosuji Line for just 7 minutes to Tennoji Station. The Kintetsu station is called Abenobashi and is actually right next to Tennoji Station connected even underground.

Train Ride

At Abenobashi Station we are bording the Blue Symphony train that departs at 10:10. The train actually arrived already at 9:45 so that there was plenty of time to take pictures and videos.

When bording starts some classical music is played and people start entering the train.

The trip to Yoshino would actually take an hour and 20 minutes. The evening before I had found some nice Mazesoba place I wanted to try which closes at 2pm I changed the plan. Instead of going all the way to Yoshino I checked on which station on the way I could get off and catch directly another limited express back to Osaka. I found that at Tsubosakayama after roughly 15 Minutes a Sakura Liner would take me back so I got off there. So I had plenty of time to get to the restaurant.

Yoshino is I would say most famous for its sakura trees and their blossom in spring. Thousands of trees are there along the hills and you can go for a hike along them up the hill. It’s really beautiful and impressive. So clearly a recommendation to visit there in case you are in Japan in spring.

However, this time in summer I guess there is not too much to see in Yoshino so that this time purpose of the trip was only to ride the Blue Symphony train.

Getting off at Tsubosakayama is actually quite fun. It’s like a station in rural Japan where there is nothing. So you can get of, stroll a bit around and take the next trains back.

The return train luckily was another type of limited express of the Kintetetsu Railway called “Sakura Liner”. It also connects Osaka Abenobashi and Yoshino. It’s design is inspired by the sakura blossom of Yoshino. So I took this train back to Osaka.

As the plan for lunch was to get a bunch of meat on top of some noodles I ahd to ride some more trains to get to Higashi Sakai which is a bit south of Osaka.

From the Kintetsu Abenobashi station first take the subway Midosuji Line again back to Namba. There you can walk underground to the Nankai Namba station tp board in our case a Semi-Express train to Higashi Sakai.

A lot of meat for lunch

The ramen shop Nikumen Hidamari An is reached by a short walk from the Nankai station partly through a shopping street.

The restaurant itself is easy to miss. The outside doesn’t look like a typical ramen shop and the sign with the name above the door was missing as well. So better make sure to check the location to not miss it.

Please see the post below for the details of the ramen shop and their dish.

Osaka local ramen taste for dinner

Train Ride Overview

SubwayMidosuji LineNambaTennoji
KintetsuBlue SymphonyAbenobashiTsubosakayama
KintetsuSakura LinerTsubosakayamaAbenobashi
SubwayMidosuji LineTennojiNamba
NankaiSemi ExpressNankai NambaHigashi Sakai
NankaiSemi ExpressHigashi SakaiNankai Namba

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