Ramen FAQ – Frequently asked Questions on Ramen

In this article I have summarized and answered some of the common questions that come up about ramen and ramen restaurants for you. This Ramen FAQ and the anwers will help you to fully enjoy your visit to a ramen restaurant in Japan.

How long should I stay in the restaurant?
As long as you need to finish your bowl of ramen. Japanese ramen restaurants are not meant for sitting there and chatting. Just eat and leave.

Shall I give tip in a ramen restaurant?
No, you don’t. There is never tip in Japan and so is not in a ramen restaurant. Say ”gochisousamadeshita” when leaving to show your appreciation of the food you ate.

Can I take my kids to a ramen restaurant?
Yes, but. Many ramen restaurants are very small so bringing a baby stroller in is not a good idea. Also many of them only have counter seats which are difficult to be used by small kids. If there are tables, its easier. By the way: side dishes such as Gyoza or Karaage (fried chicken) are a good choice for kids.

Do I need to be able to use chopsticks when eating ramen?
Yes, definitely. You will not find a ramen restaurant that offers a fork and spoon. Learn how to use chopsticks before traveling to Japan.

Is it hard to eat ramen with chopsticks?
Depends on your skill. However, eating long slippery noodles is harder than other food such as sushi. Wooden chopsticks tend to have more grip than plastic or even metal ones. With some practice tough, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is there cutlery available?
No, most likely not. You are in Japan and here you have to eat with chopsticks. No other chance: practice before your trip and try hard.

What other food should I try in Osaka?
This is a long list. Local favorites are Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kushi Katsu. Takoyaki are balls filled with octopus typically grilled at food stalls on the streets. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style pancake. In some restaurants you have a grill at your table to make them. Kushi Katsu are skewers of fried meat and vegetables. Often they are eaten in standing bars along with some beers.

Are there vegetarian ramen?
Yes, there are. And it’s getting more and more popular lately. However, I have no specific recommendation.

Is ramen a vegan dish?
Most likely not. As the soup often uses bones. But there are vegan version in some restaurants available.

Are there halal ramen?
I think there are. However I have never eaten and never specifically searched for.

Do you have any other question on Ramen that you need an answer for? Write a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

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