Discover the Best Ramen in Fukuyama

In this article, I would like to introduce you to some of the best ramen in Fukuyama. So that you can choose a restaurant that suits your taste when you visit the city and get hungry.

The local sepciality for ramen in Fukuyama is Onomichi Ramen. So this is definitely a good choice. But the city has much more to offer. Read on to get an idea of some of the best ramen in Fukuyama.

The Best Ramen in Fukuyama

Fukuyama Bunbun – Local ingredients, typically traditional ramen restaurant, running for more than 20 years.
Onomichi Ramen Itchou – The Fukuyama local style of ramen, Onomichi. Very popular among the locals
Hata Ism – Chick and nead with a style of Mazesoba that I haven’t seen before
San-Ichi – Inconspicuous but delicious Torimeshi ramen

There is no praticular order in the list above.

Be aware that prices are raising in Japan so that the prices listed here might not be up to date anymore.

Fukuyama Bunbun

This place is what you would call a classic and traditional ramen shop. Just old school. A small and cozy place with just a few counter seats around a tiny kitchen. Nothing fancy, just for the ramen. A self-service fridge for the drinks and comic books to read while waiting for the food. The shop has been around for 23 years. They serve a soy sauce based ramen that they call Fukuyama Ramen. This is because all the ingredients are from the Fukuyama area. So they focus on local food.

The ramen on the menu starts at 700 yen for this Fukuyama ramen. Noodles in a tasty soy sauce-based soup, topped simply but deliciously with only menma, scallions and some chashu.
Bunbun is open until late (3am), so it’s a good choice after a night of drinking.

The traditional and pure style of ramen combined with the local focus makes Bunbun an interesting try and one of the best ramen in Fukuyama.

Fukuyama Ramen 福山ラーメン 700 Yen

Fukuyama Ramen Bunbun
Fukuyama Ramen Bunbun

Onomichi Ramen Itchou

As the name suggests, Itchou serves Onomichi ramen. As this is the local style of ramen in the Fukuyama area, this place is a must if you are visiting the city.

Onomichi Ramen Itchou is located very close to Fukuyama Station and also close to Fukuyama Castle. Itchou is about a 3 minute walk from the station.

On my visit around noon there was a line of 3 people. However, they are prepared for much longer lines, which means the shop is very popular. Especially local workers and salary men seem to enjoy their lunch here.

They have about 15 seats, all at the counter. So you can see exactly what they are doing in the kitchen.

The ramen is served in a light brown soup, which is a soup based on soy sauce. The taste of the soup is light, but there is a lot of fat swimming in it, which gives it a good flavor. The noodles are flat and straight and well cooked. The soup is served very hot. The toppings are simple but straightforward with only menma and spring onions. Very clean in taste. I went for the Chashu Men, which adds slices of pork belly chashu to the noodles.

On their menu are options for doubling and tripling the size of the dish.

Onomichi Ramen Itchou is the perfect choice to try the local Onomichi ramen in a convenient location and therefore one of the best ramen in Fukuyama.

Chashu Men チャーシューメン 900 Yen

Chashu Men at Onomichi Ramen Itchou
Chashu Men at Onomichi Ramen Itchou

Hata Ism

At Hata Ism, I found a truly unique take on mazesoba. The toppings are served in individual bowls next to the ramen. So you can see each ingredient. You can taste them separately and then put them on top of the noodles. Mix it and eat it. The noodles are made with whole grains and are thick, straight and chewy. They are served with a raw egg yolk.

It’s a great and delicious version of mazesoba. You can taste the quality of the ingredients and the passion of the chef in every bite. Their mazesoba is limited to 10 servings during lunch and dinner.

According to their Instagram, Hatta Ism is run by a former chef of 2 and 3 star restaurants abroad. The restaurant is quite new, chic, clean and spacious. It’s located about 3 minutes walk from the main exit of Fukuyama station.

The unique interpretation and taste makes Hata Ism one of the best ramen in Fukuyama.

T.K.まぜメン T.K. Mazemen, 880 Yen

T.K. Mazemen at Hata Ism
T.K. Mazemen at Hata Ism


The San-Ichi ramen restaurant is a bit inconspicuous and out of the way. But that doesn’t make it any less delicious. After a short 5 minute walk from Fukuyama Station, we find San-Ichi in a quiet street. The restaurant is small but nice. It has only counter seats and is run by one guy. When I went for lunch, it was crowded, but luckily there was no line.

San-Ichi calls his ramen “Torimeshi” ramen. “Torimeshi” is a dish of spicy chicken and rice. It is the side dish to the ramen here. I chose the spicy mazemen. With an onsen egg as an extra topping. The noodles are flat, straight and rather light in color. But very tasty. The spiciness was really good. Not too hot. The onsen egg goes really well with it and is a recommendation. There was a lot of sauce for the mazemen, but it was still very good.

Mazemen with onsen egg was only 780 yen. That’s really very cheap.

The price-performance ratio here at San-Ichi makes it a recommendation and one of the best ramen in Fukuyama.

ピリ辛汁なしまぜめん、温是玉子付きSpicy Mazemen with Onsen Egg 780 Yen

Spicy Mazemen at San-Ichi
Spicy Mazemen at San-Ichi

FAQ – Best ramen in Fukuyama

What area is best for ramen in Fukuyama?
The area around Fukuyama stations has plenty of option for ramen. There are also some ramen shops in the nightlife area of Showacho and Minamimachi which are about 15 minutes by walk from Fukuyama station.

What is the local speciality for ramen in Fukuyama?
Onomichi ramen is the local speciality in Fukuyama and its surrounding. Typical for Onomichi ramen are the rich but fresh soy sauce based soup and the springy flat noodles. For the soup stock high quality small fish from local sea side at Tomonoura and pork back fat is used.

How much is a bowl of ramen in Fukuyama?
Fukuyama is cheaper than the other cities in Japan. I saw a bowl of ramen for 680 Yen in spring 2024. Typically the standard plain ramen start at 700 Yen. The maximum prices for ramen with many toppings go up to 1500 Yen.

Conclusion on the best ramen in Fukuyama

Fukuyama may not be at the top of the list of tourist spots and culinary experiences. But it’s worth a visit, especially if you want to see the real Japan off the beaten tourist tracks.

The ramen scene here is also great. There are several great looking restaurants. The above is just a small selection of some great ones.

As always in Japan, it’s always a good idea to try the local specialties. For ramen in Fukuyama, this is Onomichi Ramen.

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