Must taste Ramen in Frankfurt, Germany

Which are the best Ramen in Frankfurt, Germany? How to get to those restaurants and what to order? Read through this article to find out.

In this article we give 3 recommendations to try out:

  • Sorihashiya
  • Muku
  • Ramen Jun

City of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located centrally in Germany. It is home of many banks and financial institues and one of the biggest finance market places in Europe. The airport of Frankfurt is the biggets in Germany offering flights to many destinations world wide. A lot of companies have their headquarter in Germany. Due to the banks there are many people that earn good money and like great restaurants and foods. So that, I’d say the culinaric scene is quite good. Since Frankfurt is an international city also the Japanese cusine and especially Ramen is available is good quality.

Important to mention and important to keep in mind is that despite the rich areas around the banks Frankfurt also has some of the worst areas in Germany. Right in front of the main stations there is immediately the red light district. And there drug abuse is a continously increasing problem. Amount of people doing hard drugs on the street is immense high and it is not a nice picture. It may be a disturbing picture. I don’t feel that it is too dangerous as long as you don’t want to enter any red light places or get involved into drugs. However, behave responsible there, watch you valuables and don’t take picutures of the people.

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Access to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is connected to several German Autobahns so that it is easily reachable by car. However, as for any big city, traffic can be high and traffic jams are common.

Deutsche Bahn serves Frankfurt very well be e.g. the ICE high speed train. There are two important train stations in Frankfurt. The Main Station is located really in the city center. Trains from Hamburg or Berlin as well as international connections from Paris, Amsterdam and Brüssels arrive here. Another station is located at the airport about 15 minutes outside of the center. Several ICE trains do not enter into Frankfurt Main Station but only pass by and stop at the airport. These are e.g. trains from German cities such as Stuttgart, Munich, Dortmund and the Suisse cities Basel and Zurich.

In case your train reaches Frankfurt Airport you can switch there to a local train or S-Bahn to get to the main stations. At Frankfurt airport there are two stations. One below the terminal which serves the local trains and S-Bahn and one connected by a short walk which serves the long distance high-speed trains. Keep in mind that it takes 5-10 minutes walk to switch between those two stations when planning your connection.

Recommendations for the best Ramen in Frankfurt


Sorihashiya is located less than 5 minutes by walk from Frankfurt main station. Be aware, you are passing through one of the dirties areas of the city. However, you get rewarded with really tasty authentic Japanese ramen.

The shop is rather small and a bit dark. Like a traditional ramen shop should be. Once I reach few minutes before opening and few people were already lining up in front.

Noodles are self-made with German whole-grain and Italian wheat for unique texture and flavor. Noodles are cut differently. Thinner for soup ramen and thicker for Tsukemen. Sorihashiya is not using chemical additions and is using regional and natural ingredients. Gyokai-Paitan Soup is made from French chicken and Spanish fish.

Ordering is automated here. You scan a QR Code on the table and and see the menu on your smartphone. Select your dish, add it to the card and order. Payment can be done directly on the phone or after eating at the dish.

We visted the shop already twice. Once eating soup ramen, once tasting Tsukemen. Personally I love when a shop offers Tsukemen since that is not so often happening outside of Japan.

Gyokai Tsukemen Ajitama & Chashu 濃厚魚介鳥白湯つけ麺 17,60€

Gyokai Ramen Ajitama & Chashu 濃厚魚介鳥白湯ラーメン 17,60€

Kimchi 3,20€

The homemade noodles are really great. The whole-grain gives really a unique color, texture and taste. The amount was pretty good and filling. Chashu not too fatty but tasty. Ramen soup was creamy and intense as well was the Tsukemen dipping.

Sorihashiya Outside View
Outside view of the restaurant
Ajitama & Chashu Gyokai Ramen at Sorihashiya
Ajitama & Chashu Gyokai Ramen
Sorihashiya Tsukemen
Sorihashiya Tsukemen

The authenticity of the noodles and the restaurant in addition to the available Tsukemen make them my favorite and best Ramen expericence in Frankfurt so far.

Best Ramen in Frankfurt – Sorihashiya

Moselstraße 25, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Ramen Jun

Ramen Jun has one of the best reputations of Ramen over whole Germany and in fact they are really good.

The restaurant is located very near the main station and can be reached by a walk of about 12 minutes. The subway and tram station “Festhalle/Messe” is only 2 minutes away as well.

Ramen Jun is a pure Ramen restaurant with focus on Tonkotsu Ramen in some variation. Also some entrees are available.

The selection covers Tonkotsu Ramen, AkaTon (Chilli Oil), Kuro Ton (homemade Garlic Oil) and Miso Ton. Different topping variants are available Classic (2 slices of chashu), Chashu (Classic + 3 extra slices), Deluxe (Classic + 2 extra slices, Ni-Tamago) and Special (Classic + Ni-Tamago, roasted Tomato, roasted garlic, avocado)

Miso Tonkotsu Special, 16,50€

The noodles are thin and straight like Hakata-style. I felt they could have been harder and tasted a bit waterly. The chashu is really tasty and not too fatty. The soup is really creamy and intense it taste. Personally one of the best soups I had so far in Germany. The miso taste doesn’t come out to strong. Avocade and Tomato add some freshness. Tasting good, just personally I didn’t like it so much on ramen. I would probably go for Deluxe next time.

All in all a very tasty ramen dish, definately one of the best ramen in Frankfurt and definately worth eating when in or around Frankfurt.

Ramen Jun Outside
Outside View
Ramen Jun Menu
Ramen Jun Miso Tonkotsu Special
Miso Tonkotsu Special

Best Ramen in Frankfurt – Ramen Jun

Wilhelm-Hauff-Straße, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Muku Ramen

Muku Ramen is located a bit outside the city center but can be reached easily by S-Bahn train to “Lokalbahnhof” followed by a short walk. There is also a tram station named “Frankensteiner Platz” right in front of it.

The restaurant is nicely syled with old wooden tables and has a nice and clean counter with four seats. Muku offers a wide range of Japanese dishes more like an Izakaya and not a Ramen only place.

Muku might be difficult to find. There is only a logo but no name written. The windows are quite dark so from outside it almost looks closed. However, inside atmosphere is great. In the evenings probably a reservation is recommended.

Their signature dish is called Muku Ramen. As on the menu its is a homemade intensive murky (unclear) soup made of pork and chicken broth based on Shoyu. Toppings are spinache, chashu (pork), spring onions and nori. Egg can be added seperately so make sure not to forget.

Besides the signature dish they also have Yamatani Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen and Tsuke Men.

We ordered the signature dish

Muku Ramen 14,00€

The soup was creamy and intense in taste. The noodles were really good, a bit thick taking up the soup nicely. They were cooked well and did not taste watery. Definately counting as one of the best ramen in Frankfurt.

Muku Ramen Outside View
Outside View
Counter Seat at Muku Ramen
Counter Seat
Muku Ramen
Muku Ramen

Best Ramen in Frankfurt – Muku

Dreieichstraße 7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Stay in Frankfurt

As there is a lot of business going on in Frankfurt there are also a lot of hotels and accomendations in all price ranges. Be careful again, some hotels in the city center seem to be cheap. But they might be directly in the red light district and quality might be bad.

Reasonable business hotels are available near the main station or e.g. at the S-Bahn station Niederrad.

A real special in Frankfurt is that you can stay in a real Japanese business hotel. Recently Toyoko Inn opened a hotel in walking distance to the main station.

Are these really the best Ramen in Frankfurt?

We need to find out. So we have a couple of more restaurants on our list to visit and to check out. Make sure to check back to our site.

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