Sorihashiya, authentic and unique Japanese Ramen in Frankfurt

Sorihashiya is an authentic Japanese Ramen restaurant located in the heart of the area around the main station in Frankfurt am Main Germany. It stands out by homemade whole grain noodles, high quality ingredients and unique dishes. The location near the stations makes it easy to access even if you only have a short time before a train departure.

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Noodles and Soup at Sorihashiya

Sorihashiya puts focus on regional and natural ingredients without Preservatives and flavor enhancers. Their Gyokai-Paitan soup broth is made out of french chicken and spanish fish. Claiming to use the double amount of chicken and fish for each bowl of Ramen to create a rich an intense soup.

For their homemade noodles German whole-grain and Italian wheat flour is used. The whole grain gives the noodles a unique aroma and the wheat provides the typical “mochi-mochi” feeling when biting them. Noodles are cut differently depending on the dish. Tsukemen which have a stronger soup need broader noodles. Thinner noodles can take the gentle Ramen soup better. The noodles also do not contain any additives, but use only flour, water, salt and lye water (kansui)


The regular menu offers a great selection of different styles of Ramen. There is the signature dish Gyokai Ramen which uses a broth made of fish and chicken. The Goma Miso Ramen have a soup broth made of sesame and miso which should make them even vegan. Shoyou Paitan Ramen have their broth made of chicken and soy sauce. It’s recommend for beginners due to the easy but delicous taste. For those who like spicy there are the Umakara Ramen which use a spicy chicken broth.

A highlight are the final dish on the regular menu: Gyokai Tsukemen. In Tsukemen the noodles and the soup are served seperate. Typically the noodles are cold and are dipped into the hot soup. This is a dish that is not so often served in Germany or Europe.

For the Ramen additional toppings such as Chashu or Ajitama are available. Gyoza with pork or vegggie are avialable as well. A green tea is there for only 2€.

Currently (Summer 2023) there is a special dish on the menu: Mazesoba!

Visits and Orders at Sorihashiya

I have just discovered Sorihashiya in September 2022 but luckily could visit already three times. Each of the visits had given me a great experience and a delicious dish.

Mazesoba at Sorihashiya
Mazesoba at Sorihashiya
Ajitama & Chashu Gyokai Ramen at Sorihashiya
Ajitama & Chashu Gyokai Ramen
Sorihashiya Tsukemen
Sorihashiya Tsukemen

Mazesoba – The ordered dish at Sorihashiya

Mazesoba is my favorite syle of Ramen but it is barely available in Germany and Europe. It assume it’s because it is not so easy to make. Mazesoba are soupless Ramen. The noodles are served in a strong and itense sauce. I think the quality of the noodles is more important for Mazesoba than for Ramen soup. Ingredients are decorate on top of the noodles but seperated. When starting to eat, you mix them yourself. “Maze” literally means mixing.

Sorihashiya’s Mazesoba are really unbelievable delicious. The noodles are cut thicker and cooked al-dente. Thei are long, straight and chewy and soak up the sauce perfectly. The sauce is very thick, creamy and super intense in taste. There is a slight sour taste added by marinated garlich which tastes amazing.

Toppings are: Katsuo Powder, Negi (Spring Onion), white onion, chashu cubes, boiled cabbage and marinated garlic topped by a super soft onsen (half-raw) egg.

These Mazesoba are totally authentic and unique in Europe. They easily compete with the best ones I have eaten ever in Japan. Immediately they are ranking as my favorite Ramen dish in Europe.

Order at 29th June 2023

Mazesoba Normalまぜそばノーマル12,50€
Green Tea2€

Gyokai Ramen

On my second visit I went for the signature dish. Gyokai Ramen with a soup made of chicken and fish. I ordered the Chashu and Ajitama topping to get the full selection of taste. As the Tsukemen the soup was great. String in taste and intense. The thinner cut noodles fit in perfectly. They take a lot of soup and bring a great flavor into your mouth.

Gyokai Ramen with Chashu and Ajitama濃厚魚介鳥白湯ラーメン17,60€


On the first visit I tried their Tsukemen. As Tsukemen are barely served in Europe it’s a good choice if available. The noodles are cut thick, chewing and intense in taste. The dipping soup is rich, creamy and tasty. All-in-all a great dish and worth to eat.

Order at 13th September 2022

Gyokai Tsukemen with Chashu and Ajitama 濃厚魚介鳥白湯つけ麺17,60€
Kirin Beerキリンビール3,50€

Location of Sorihashiya

Sorihashiya is located in the Moselstraße less than 5 minutes by walk from the main station in the center of Frankfurt. Just leave the station through the main entrance and walk straight. Cross the street and the tram lines at the signal. Continue walking straight until the first crossing street and turn right. The restaurant is coming up on the right side. It might look a bit dark from outisde and easy to overlook. So make sure to not miss it.

Be aware: The area in front of the station is one of the worst areas in Germany. There is several drug abuse happening and homeless people are on the streets. It may look scary. Keep common sense. As long as you leave them alone they should also leave you alone. Be especially aware and careful after dark.


Taste and Quality ★★★★☆
Great. Intense, authentic and unique soups paired with aromatic noodles. Nothing to complain.

Location and Interior ★★★★☆
Near the main station makes access easy. Interior is clean and gives a Japanese atmosphere. A bit dark. Also the walk through the wired Frankfurt main station area gives a minor minus.

Uniqueness/Special dishes ★★★★★
Mazesoba and Tsukmen are two dishes that are very rare in Europe and Germany. Using whole grain flour for the noodles is not typical but works great.

Extra ★★★★★
Mazesoba! Extremely rare in Europe. And these here were unbelievable delicous. Even in Japan I have barely eaten better ones.

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