Ramen Jun Red in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

If you’re looking for a top-notch ramen place right in the heart of Frankfurt? Then we recommend you head on over and try Ramen Jun Red. This is actually the second shop of Master Jun in Frankfurt, a renowned Ramen chef. If you want incredible Miso ramen, and some classic Japanese favorites, then come check this Ramen place out. Also check this review for how this place stacks up against other Japanese ramen places in Germany.

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Concept at Ramen Jun Red

Ramen Jun Red’s main draw and concept is definitely their specialty Miso ramen. Their Miso Ramen is completely homemade, and they use special miso imported straight from Japan. Besides the Miso, they use delicious pork-based broth and wheat noodles.

The concept and methodology they use are heavily based on following the tradition of Tsubame-Sanjo Ramen from Niigata prefecture in Japan, so you can believe us when we say the ramen is very authentic.

Menu at Ramen Jun Red

As we previously mentioned their specialty is in fact the Miso Ramen, and the menu also highlights the fact it’s the restaurant’s signature dish. The Miso Ramen, has a pork based broth and as you can see from the menu they don’t skimp out on ingredients, with a whole cavalcade of toppings coming with the ramen, and even more options can be added individually if you would like.

In case you yourself are vegetarian, or you’re dining out with friends who choose to be vegetarian, due to dietary restrictions, religious restrictions, or simply as lifestyle choice then this place provides good options for that too. 

The pork-based broth can be replaced with a vegetarian broth, and typical ramen toppings like chashu pork can be replaced with tofu and other vegetarian toppings which is great.

Visits and Orders at Ramen Jun Red in Frankfurt am Main

We actually visited the restaurant twice. The first was all the way back in December of 2021, but it’s been such a long time ago that it predates the Tabetetsu project. We remember very few things from that initial visit, and not that many pictures remain from said visit so we have little idea if there were any major changes between this first visit and our most recent visit.

Our 2nd and most recent visit, was this June 2023, on a hot summer day. We tried the cold ramen called hiyashi chuuka since it was a season-special dish.

Cold Miso Ramen at Ramen Jun Red
Cold Miso Ramen (Hiyashichuuka 冷やし中華)
Ramen Jun Red dish
Unfortunately I forgot what I orderd
Ramen Jun Red dish
Also forgot what I ordered

Cold Miso Ramen on 21st of June 2023

The cold ramen we had definitely lived up to the hype as we could definitely taste the strong Miso taste.  It also had this hint of spiciness that paired well with the rest of the dish. The toppings included this great soy-based meat mince, with noodles that had a great firm bite to them.

The noodles were priced at 15.80  which is still on the pricier side, even considering the authenticity factor.  The wait time was also an issue. We understand how making a cold noodle dish takes a bit more time than making regular ramen, but the wait time of over 30 minutes was too much, especially for an almost empty shop.

On 26th of December 2021

Unfortunately this visit was before the start of this Tabetetsu project. I didn’t keep a record of the order and the exact taste. Just the two pictures above show what I had ordered. I can’t write anything about the taste as I do not remember in detail. Sounds like I have to go for another visit to Ramen Jun Red in Frankfurt am Main.

Location of Ramen Jun Red in Frankfurt am Main

To get to Ramen Jun Red, you take the Subway Station “Konstablerwache” or you go on the bus and/ or tram station “Börneplatz” afterward it’s just a two-minute walk. The place had easy access to Frankfurt’s city center. Ramen Jun Red also opened surprisingly late at about 12 pm and they then close quite early at 8 pm.

The place was spacious and had lots of open seating. THe Kitchen was visible, but not completely open like other traditional ramen restaurants. If you’d like there was also some outside seating, but the overall vibe of the place wasn’t very traditional. It looked like your average restaurant and did not really lean into Japanese aesthetics.

Rating – The best Ramen in Frankfurt?

Noodles ★★★☆☆

The noodles were slightly above average with a firm bite to them. And weren’t really watery.  The noodles were good but not great. They served their purpose and we’re quality noodles but they aren’t anything to write home about.

Soup  ★★★

The miso ramen they serve deserves to be considered a signature dish. The miso flavor the ramen had was intense, which is a good thing in this case. It had this hint of spiciness that wasn’t overwhelming and added a nice kick of flavor.

The real showstopper was the minced pork that was part of the ramen. It had this great soy sauce flavor and you could taste how it was fried properly well on a wok.

Location  ★★★☆☆★★☆☆

Finding Ramen Jun Red is easy since it’s a smack dab in the city with easy access to the city center. And the space inside is also incredibly spacious, giving you lots of room to sit comfortably for your meal.

As for the actual location, it’s not the typical ramen bar design you may be used to. It doesn’t have an open kitchen so you won’t see the chefs at work making your meal. It’s not really built like the typical ramen restaurant and doesn’t have the traditional ramen restaurant vibe which does affect the atmosphere of the place.

Extra ★★★☆☆

It’s great that this place offers a special summer dish option with its hiyashi chuuka (cold ramen). Authentic Seasonal specials like these are always bonus point.

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