Takezo Ramen Bar in Düsseldorf – Must taste the Black Sesame Tan Tan Men

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Düsseldorf, Takezo Ramen Bar beckons food enthusiasts on a delightful journey through the flavors of Japan. This authentic Japanese eatery is celebrated for its mouthwatering soups, freshly homemade noodles, and unwavering passion for culinary craftsmanship. A once-hidden gem, Takezo Ramen Bar now attracts a diverse clientele, from long-time Asian patrons to curious European diners, all eager to savor some of the best ramen in Düsseldorf and beyond.

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Noodles and Soup at Takezo Ramen Bar

Step into Takezo Ramen Bar for a unique culinary journey. The star of their menu is the artfully crafted homemade noodles, which are made with premium wheat flour that is carefully blended and imported from Europe and Japan. Each bite provides a delightful “mochi-mochi” experience that perfectly captures the flavor of real ramen.

Takezo’s soul-soothing soups are no less than extraordinary. Made with devotion and expertise, their homemade broth simmers for over 10 hours on low heat, using locally-sourced ingredients to infuse every bowl with a distinctive umami flavor. This unique combination of traditional Japanese craft and local ingredients forms the bedrock of Takezo’s culinary charm, making it an absolute must-visit when in Düsseldorf.

Takezo captivates its customers with the rich variety of ramen dishes it offers. Classic favorites like Shoyu and Miso Ramen showcase the time-honored flavors of Japan, while the daring can explore the distinctive allure of specials like Tsukemen and the beautiful mild spice of their TanTan Men. Takezo Ramen Bar also provides alternatives for vegan guests.

To complement your meal, you can also choose between delectable sides like homemade Gyoza, Kaarage, or Negibute. Families are warmly welcomed, with the Kids Menu offering a delightful ensemble of a small Shoyu Ramen, fried chicken, and French fries for the price of 7 Euros. The price-to-quality ratio at Takezo Ramen Bar is commendable, striking a balance between affordability and the outstanding quality of their dishes. While it may not be considered cheap, the culinary experience and flavors more than justify the investment.

Visit and Order

I’ve documented two visits to Takezo Ramen Bar. Though I’ve been there more often for the good-quality food and authentic Japanese ambiance of the place.

Black Sesame Tan Tan Men

Takezo Black Sesame Tan Tan Men
Sesame Tan Tan Men

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind ramen experience, look no further than the Black Sesame Tan Tan Men. This unique dish combines a delightfully spicy soup made from chicken, fish, and pork broth with minced meat, chili oil, chili bean paste, and heaps of aromatic black sesame. The soup itself is priced at 13€ but for an extra treat, you can add chashu and ni tamago as additional toppings, priced at 2 Euros each. The result? A symphony of intense flavors that will definitely leave your taste buds wanting for more. One notable aspect of this dish is that the noodles really absorb a lot of that spicy soup, but their quality is still good, which contributes to the nice harmony of flavors. For a total of 17€, the soup with its toppings is worth every penny.

Black TanTan Men黒ゴマ担々麺13.00€


Takezo Tsukemen

For those hot summer days, the Tsukemen is the perfect choice. The noodles and soup are served separately, allowing you to enjoy the dish without the steaming heat of a traditional ramen bowl. The noodles are of good quality but could have a slightly more vibrant yellow color, which is a common feature of traditional ramen noodles. The way to eat them is by dipping the firm and chewy noodles into the flavorful chicken-based soup, which contains spring onions and white onions, creating a refreshing and satisfying balance of flavors. The toppings consist of menma, nori, and two slices of savory chashu, along with a delightfully perfect Ni-Tamago with a strong color and semi-soft yellow center. This dish is a taste adventure you won’t want to miss, and Takezo Ramen Bar is one of the few that serves this type of dish in Germany.


Location of Takezo Ramen Bar

Takezo Ramen Bar is conveniently located on Immermanstrasse (Immermann Street) which is the main spot of the Japanese area in Düsseldorf. It’s just a 4-minute walk from the main station, with the tram station “Charlottenstr./Oststr.” right in front of it. The type of ramen bar Takezo is aiming for would be an authentic Japanese Ramen restaurant with its minimal design, basic chairs and tables, the iconic counter seats with a direct view to the kitchen, and some tables on the outside as well.

Rating of Takezo Ramen Bar

Noodles ★★★☆☆

The noodles are nice and of good-quality but there’s nothing really special or surprising about them, though it is perfect for an authentic Ramen.

Soup ★★★

The Black Sesame Tan Tan Men is awesome with a harmony of good flavors. On the other hand, the Tsukumen has room for minor adjustments, but is still good, especially since it is rarely available in Germany.

Location ★★★

Takezo Düsseldorf gives off an authentic Japanese Ramen place ambiance. It’s a bit basic and minimal, but that in itself captures the essence of the simplicity of Japan. The easy accessibility by public transport makes it a perfect stop for both locals and travelers exploring the city.

Extra ★★

Black Sesame Tan Tan Men is something that highlights Takezo with its uniqueness, which cannot be found anywhere else in Germany. The soup and noodles as a complete dish are just incredible. The Ni-Tamago on the Tsukemen really boosts the experience with the soup; it is by far one of the best I’ve tasted in all of Germany.

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