Osaka Taste Chuka Soba at Menya Jouroku

For the evening I was up for some lighter dish since I had heaving creamy ramen with a lot of meat before.

As many region in Japan have their special local taste of ramen I checked about this for Osaka. As Osaka is famous for Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kushi-Katsu, I haven’t been aware of its ramen style yet.

I found the so called Takaida (高井田) Ramen as beeing orignated in the eas of Osaka. In this style the noodels are thick and straight. Chicken and kelp is used for the soup which is finally flavored with Soy Sauce so they are Shoyu Ramen.

Even tough I thought I’m not the greatest fan of Shoyu Ramen I wanted to give it another try. I searched for a bit and found the shop Menya Jouroku (麵屋丈六)close by.

The shop is located in Namba reachable with a about 10 minutes walk from Namba Station. It’ in a smaller alley a bit tricky to find. Better look at the map before. The shop has 7 counter seats and twelve waiting seats inside seperated by some corona-conform distance. I had two people waiting before me so I didn’t take long to get a seat at the counter.

Outside View

I ordered their main dish Chuuka Soba in the regular size. In this shop in comes with in the special taste of Osaka called Takaida which is originated from east of Osaka.

This dish is served for unbelievable 750 Yen only right in Namba.

Shop Menu

Quite rare for a Ramen shop they don’t have a ticket vending machine. After sitting down you order from the menu. The menu is attached at each of the counter seats so you can order by pointing. Staff also spoke a basic level of English. Payment is made when leaving the shop.

Menya Jouroku

The dish looked really great and was steaming hot when served. Thick, flat, straight noodles in a dark soup with little fat eyes swimming on top. Taste of the soup was strong and tasty. Bit salty and tastes of pepper. Topping in a minimal perfectly fitting way. Slices of lean meat, bamboo and green parts of spring onions. That’s it, simple but perfect match.

As I hadn’t had Shoyu Ramen in a while I was really positive suprised by the intense taste of this soup.

All in all the shop and the ramen were great. Intense taste with a more than fair prices. Definately a recommendation.


Located between Namba and Nipponbashi Station about 10 Minutes by walk south of Dotonbori.


Chuuka Soba (Regular)
Higashi Osaka Takaida Kaze
750 Yen

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