Miso Tonkotsu at Ramen Jun in Frankfurt, Germany

Ramen Jun is one of the most popular and well-known ramen restaurants in Franfurt am Main and around. Their soup style is Tonkotsu. There is a variation of normal, Aka (Red), Kuro (Black) and Miso. The also offer some typical japanese entree dishes and Gyoza.
Aka (Red) adds homemade chili oil.
Kuro (Black) adds homemade garlic oil.
You can select between Classic, Chashu, Deluxe and Special.
Classic: 2 slices of chashu
Chashu: Classic + 3 extra slices
Deluxe: Classic + 2 extra slices, Ni-Tamago
Special: Classic + Ni-Tamago, roasted tomato, roasted garlic, avocado

It’s open from 12 trough 20:30 so you can avoid peak hours.  

Order at Ramen Jun

Miso Tonkotsu Special, 16,50€

The noodles are thin and straight like Hakata style. They could have been harder and didn’t totally convince me. The topings are on good level. Chashu is not too fatty but soft. The soup is tasty and creamy and definately a great one. The miso taste isn’t that strong. Occassionaly it is a a bit spicy.
Tomato, avacado and whole garlic make a special unordinary taste. It’s tasty, but personally I didn’t like it. For me avacado and tomato doesn’t go so well with a Tonkotsu broth. 

But all in all a very tasty ramen and definately always worth eating when being in or around Frankfurt. 

I would rate the soup itself as one of the best so far in Germany at all. Unfortunately the noodles didn’t convince me completely.

Location of Ramen Jun

A 12 minutes walk from Frankfurt Main Station or two minutes walk from subway and tram stations “Festhalle/Messe”.

Get out of Frankfurt Main Station at North Exit and follow the big road along the tram in North direction. Take a left into Wilhelm-Hauff-Straße. Ramen Jun is then located on the right side.

Be aware and careful around Frankfurt Main Station. This area is a bit, let’s say wired. 


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