Maguro Ramen in Kushikino, Kyushu

Really a one of a kind, very special Ramen dish we found in the city of Kushikino in the south of Kyushu island.

Maguro Ramen

The whole city is famous for this unique type of Ramen. We went to a restaurant called Misono that we got recommended by a Japanese friend from Kagoshima.

The style and taste of this ramen is really different to what you usually expect in Kyushu. Usually Tonkotsu, pork based soup, with rich Chashu is famous around here.

However, Maguro Ramen shows a much lighter and cleared soup broth. Instead of Chashu some slices of Maguro Sashimi are added on top. Those slices get slightly boiled by heat of the soup. Just slightly on the outside, keeping the inside as Sashimi.

It’s really a unique taste and a great experience. Just the city is a bit of the beaten track but easily reachable by local train from Kagoshima Station or Sendai Station which are both served by Kyushu Shinkansen covered e.g. by the Japan Railpass.


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