Itarou Ramen in Tsu, Mie Ken

Itarou Ramen is one of the shops in Tsu mentioned in the Ramen magazine and easily reachable by train. They offer different types of Ramen but the Shoyu base seems to be there recommendet one.

The shop itself is held in white colors and looks brighter than a typical ramen shop. They have 6 counter like chairs and a couple of tables for up to 4 people. It’s a family friendly shop with even a small play corner for kids at the entrance. Further there a comic books you can read while waiting.

One of their specialities is Tsu Gyoza (津ぎょうざ) which is a pretty huge deep fried version of gyoza. Very delicious but stuffing.

Tsu Gyoza

I choose the ramen named like the shop, Itarou Ramen (いたろうラーメン). It’s their shoyu base ramen with already the egg as topping. Since I was hungry I added the Chashu topping. All in all this became a pretty stuffing dish.

The soup was I would say typical Shoyu base soup. Actually really good and tasty with heaps of, I guess, garlic swimming in it. The noodles were thin and curley. A bit to thin for my taste but matching good the soup. Chashu was samll round slices about half a centimeter thick with a decent fat amount. Not to fatty but enough to be tasty and soft.

Additionally the soup was topped with green onions, soya sprouts and really delicous fresh-tasting bamboo. Some wakame was also swimming in the soup.

All in all a decent shoyu ramen dish. A recommendation if you are in Tsu anyway especially to taste the Tsu Gyoza.


About a 10 minutes walkf from Tsushimmachi Station of the Kintetsu railway which is just 1 stop from Tsu Station. Coming from Nagoya take a limited express to Tsu and switch their to a local train. From Osaka take a limited express either to Tsu or to Ise Nakagawa station and take there a local train.

So a visit to Tsu and this ramen shop can be easily combined with a ride of one of the great Kintetsu Limited Express trains such as the Hinotori, Urban Liner or Ise Shima Liner.


Itarou Ramenいたろうラーメン730 Yen
Chashu Toppingチャーシュー190 Yen
Tsu Gyoza 1pc津ぎょうざ280 Yen


Watch the video of our visit to this place here.

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