Extra Meat at Niko Soba Keisuke in Nagoya

Looking for something new close to Nagoya Station I found this shop in my favorite Ramen magazine. The amount of meat decorated nicely just looked great.

It is located in the undergound of New Dai Nagoya Bildung. The building itself is pretty new and so are the restaurants as well. It’s perfect choice just after arriving at or leaving Nagoya Station reachable just by a short walk thorugh the connected underground passage.

The order was a bit challenging. Frist you need to get the ticket for the standard Shoyu Ramen, then the extra ticket for the special meat. However, the text on the “special” button was pretty long and I couldn’t figure out what it means. Luckily I had the photo from the magazine on my phone so I could ask the staff.

Actually the open at 10:30, half an hour earlier than written on google. Luckily I was there early since it got crowded at 11 AM around.

The special does what it had promised. Heaps of meat, three different kinds on top of a dark brown shoyu sauce, an egg very deep brown skin, some ginger on a Naruto and a bit of green to round it up.

The noodles had a medium hardness and were medium thick with rectangular shape. They were nicely collecting a lot of the soup. 

Additionally the shop offers the most stuff I’ve ever seen on the table to refine the taste including garlic chips, sesame, spices, vinegar, etc. However, the taste was already that good that I forgot to try some of them.

In summary a great dish. I would definately eat again. Considering the amount of meat the price is fair.


Undergound of the new Dai Nagoya Building. Reachable via undergound connection from Nagoya Station.



Niku Soba Shoyu肉そば醬油880 Yen
Special Toppingスペシャルトッピング500 Yen

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