Nagoya Special – Taiwan Mazesoba at Honmaru in Sake

Mazesoba is probably my favorite type of Ramen especially in summer. It is a soupless version, so its not as steamy hot as the soup ones.

“Maze” means mixing or mix it. For Mazesoba typically all ingredients are seperately decorated in the bowl on top of the noodles. Sauce is only a bit at the very bottom. You can start eating first seperately to get each unique taste. Then mix everything and enjoy the full rich taste.

Mazesoba dishes still come in many different flavors. My favorite type is the so called Taiwan Mazesoba which is a special in Nagoya. Actually Nagoya is famous for Taiwan Ramen which is a soup ramen dish. Taiwan Mazesoba uses the same ingredients without soup.

As for me the best Taiwan Mazesoba are served in a shop called “Tsukemen Honmaru” (つけ麺本丸 栄店) in Sakae district of Nagoya. The shop is easily reachable by a short walk from the Sakae subway station which is served by the Higashiyama (Yellow) and Meijo (Purple) line.

Order is done at a vending machine which features Japanese language only. So be prepared what you want to order.

I’ve choosen the Honmaru Taiwan Mazesoba (本丸台湾まぜそば) for 800 Yen. When passing the ticket you will be asked whether to add garlic (Ninniku) which I would recommend to do.

Taiwan Mazesoba after mixing.

The noodles are topped with minced meat with some chilli in it. Probably also some miso is used. Further there are white onions, katsuo powder and in the middle a beautiful raw yellow part of an egg. The noodles are thicker than typically soup noodles. In this shop they just have the right thickness and hardness for my taste. That’s why this is my favorite Taiwan Mazesoba.

I eat them anytime I’m in Nagoya.



Honmaru Taiwan Mazesoba本丸台湾まぜそば800 Yen

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